Website FAQ's

This page holds the website FAQ's.  From here you can learn how to maneuver our website.




You can send Virtual Gifts to friends on Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.  You can choose from a selection of gifts from our browse gifts page.  Gifts can be sent by clicking on the special `Send Gift` link on Member Profile page or clicking on any wished gift on Browse Gifts page. 

Choose the gift to send and complete the following information.

You may also personalized gifts by going to our virtual gifts page and clicking on "My Gifts."  From there you can create a photo gift, audio gift or video gift and send to your friends.  

● View Gifts - member can listen to audio file or play video before sending it to friends.
● Personal Message - member can send personal message together with the selected gift.
● Preview Gift - member can check how the gift will be displayed on the recipients profile page.
● Public or Private Gift - members can send public gift or send the gift privately so his/her name and message is visible only to the recipient.
● Select Many Friends - members are allowed to send a gift to multiple friends at a time.
A message will be sent to your friend (s) alerting them of the received gift.
Gifts will display on friends profile when gift tab is clicked.
Free Gifts:  Cost = 0
Paid Gifts:  Cost varies (mouse over gift to see cost.)
Virtual credits may be used to purchase gifts.

(200 symbols max)

(256 symbols max)