My Introduction


I was born 61 years ago to an American mother and a Caribbean father on the beautiful island of Antigua in the West Indies.

I have been a prisoner for all my 61 years. I achieved this status at birth and I have been fighting over the years to free myself from life's prison. It seems to be an impossibility.


I have tried to approach each day with fresh new hope and different perspectives, but life can be a bitch and it turns on you when you least expect it to and slaps the shit out of you until you retreat to your corner and accepts your defeat.
I have so many questions I ask myself - without answers. I want my life to be better and I want it to be different, but there seems to be a block that prevents me from having the life I deserve.

I have a story to tell!

It is a profound story and one that needs to be heard.


This story has consumed me over the years and I have been afraid and ashamed to tell it; but, "No More."

To free myself, I must expose all my demons so that I can find the peace I've longed for all these years.

Come with me as we journey through my life, through my eyes.


Note:  This is a raw blog book!  My story will be told as it occurred with no "perfect" language!

Thank you





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