No Defenses

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Chapter - 2

Growing Without Love

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Chapter - 3

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My Blog Book "Don't Tell Me to Get Over It Until You Feel My Pain" will be written chapter by chapter on-line.


This blog book details my life growing up in the Caribbean (Antigua & US Virgin Islands),  and ultimately moving to the United States. 


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Be there from the beginning and experience the journey through my eyes. 


Note:  This is a raw blog book!  My story will be told as it occurred with no "perfect" language!


Thank you for taking this journey with me.





Excerpts from my blog book "Don't Tell Me to Get Over it

Until You Feel My Pain"  - Chapter 1


My mother could not save her children from beatings or any other forms of abuse. After all, she was a victim of her own circumstances. She was in effect another one of his children (even though she was his wife) who suffered the same fate.





Excerpts from my blog book - "Don't Tell Me to Get Over it

Until You Feel My Pain"  -  Chapter 2



His verbal abuse continued to "I never loved you."  "I hate you and your children." Then, for absolutely no reason, he hits her in the face or kicks her.  She cries silently as her children watch the tears roll down her cheeks. Powerless to do anything!


It's a polarizing picture and a gut-wrenching pain.


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